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LAVBC has been invited by USA volleyball to reserve a block of tickets to watch USA play Canada. THIS WILL BE OUR PRACTICE FOR THIS DATE. Price: $10

6:30 Arrival. Game starts at 7pm. Lets be there early to watch warm-ups. This is very educational for our players.

1171 El Camino Real, Tustin, CA 92780

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to Apr 14

Red Rock Rave #2 April 11-April 14

Check In: Thursday, April 11, 2019
Check Out: Sunday, April 14, 2019

4/11 Arrive at the Grandview Hotel : 9940 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89183 | United States

- 7:30pm Team Meeting 7:30 pm in Coach Olive’s room (TBD)

- Lights out 9:30pm

4/12 Begin Play at 3pm at the Mandalay Bay Hotel

- Have breakfast and be in practice shirts by 9am.

  • 9:15am Chaperone cars loaded

  • Only Safe Sport certified chaperones may carpool players: Ben Nyblade, Jason Olive, Karina Redaelli, Marco Redaelli, Stephanie Voleckers (confirming more names)

  • 9:20am On the road

- 10am-11:30am work out at All About Volleyball: 530 E Pamalyn Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89119

- 12:15pm Lunch at the hotel

  • Team Lunch will be arranged by non-chaperone parents. Contact Kandi Olive Cell: 917-776-9242

- 1:pm Change into uniforms:

  • Yellow tops. Blue Libero. BRING BOTH UNIFORMS

  • Coaches are in Black shirts

- 1:20 Load Chaperone Cars

- 2pm Arrive at Mandalay Bay Convention Center

  • 3pm Game start.

  • Expect at least 3 games.

GENERAL NOTES: The National Qualifier will be a lot of action for the girls and for the families as well. We ask that you keep your adventures during down-time to a minimum and be mindful of the energy your players are expending and therefore need to conserve. We want to have a great time but this is not a vacation it is a time to honor the work and commitment our players have put in to get this far by making sure they are at their best to compete.

This is a USA Volleyball Regional Qualifying Tournament. We can expect the rules to be enforced a bit stricter and hopefully this will lead to increased speed of play. Keep in mind:

  • No parents are allowed on the courts AT ANY TIME unless you are a member of the LAVBC coaching staff. This includes shagging balls during warm-ups etc.

  • By now you are privy to the tension some teams/parents carry into these events. Please do not pay any attention to off-handed comments or otherwise off-putting incidents. Please bring any persistent issues to the attention of the coaching staff.

  • Be mindful that failing to ref a game will lead to a forfeit of the first game of our next match. EVERY PLAYER must contribute to this effort. We will rotate officiating duties. Please do not leave the court unless you have been cleared to leave by Coach JO.

  • All players should bring BOTH JERSEYS TO EVERY GAME.

  • Team functions and/or meetings are mandatory during the trip.

VENUE NOTES: There are no coolers or outside chairs allowed. There are restaurants available but food selection is not fantastic. Right now we are recommending bringing healthy packaged food options from Whole Foods or the like in back packs.

Saturday and Sunday schedules are dependent on our play and what we are told after play on Friday.

USA NAQ Notes:

l (12’s only), USA and American Division Formats 

All Teams in 12’s National, USA or American Divisions play two (2) rounds of pool play, followed by single elimination playoff brackets. 

Some Teams may have an additional qualifying, crossover or Seeding Match prior to Gold bracket or other playoff brackets, depending on the number of Teams in a division. 

You can download the Championship Manual HERE

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